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   Welcome to Dachshund Haven of Garden Grove Rescue and Sanctuary! ~~ Don't Shop, Adopt!~~Welcome to Dachshund Haven of Garden Grove Rescue and Sanctuary! ~~ Don't Shop, Adopt!~~



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To All Our Wonderful Friends and Adopters,

Until further notice, we have suspended rescue unless it is an absolute emergency.  My Hodgkins Lymphoma has returned... and although surgery was done on May 24th, one small spot was unable to reach, and I will begin Chemotherapy July 2nd. 

I am hopeful that the treatments will put an end to this once and for all

During this time, I will still be available to help and answer questions.  If you can't reach me by phone you can always email me at or Dawnie at

If you don't want to email you can always call and leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.  And thank you for being such wonderful adopters who have become friends and family!

Chris Jacobson

President of Dachshund Haven

As much as I hate to do this, we will be closing the doors of our rescue, Dachshund Haven of Garden Grove, at the end of this year. 

It's been wonderful getting to know all of you and finding homes for these innocent little ones.

Many of you are special friends, and I do hope that you will keep in touch with us and let us know how you and the furkids are doing.

Most of you know of the health issues, and after almost 14 years, it is time to take a step back. 

I have no regrets, and even knowing what I know now, I would do it all over again.

Wishing each and everyone of you a love filled holiday season and the same in 2014.

Chris Jacobson

President of Dachshund Haven of Garden Grove


Hello All:

With all that has been going on with our President, Chris, we have continued to slow down our adoptions, but it doesn't mean we have stopped.  There are still a few dogs for adoption and soon there will be updated bios and pictures on the site for you to see! 

In the meantime, if you are interested in adopting....please fill out an app....

We would like to try to do a dachshund get together/meet/picinic soon...but until Chris's health improves we cannot move forward with it.  Please know we are still doing rescue things behind the scenes they are just not at such a large scale as they once were...

Chris appreciates all the well wishers and prayers for her situation and hopes people understand that she may not be able to respond to everyone right away, but know that the well wishes and prayers are appreciated and she will respond as her health and ability allow her too. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email Dawnie.

To fill out an application visit:

Email Chris or Dawnie if you have any questions.

Merry Christmas

Here are some Merry Christmas/Winter Pictures of some happily adopted rescues!

Want to send in a cute picture of your rescue dachshund (whether you adopted them from DHOGG or not) in a Christmas/Winter theme, send an email to Dawnie with a pic and a short story about who the doxie is and what they are doing in the picture!


Have you Hugged or Kissed Your Dachshund Today?

All these dachshunds have found happy forever homes!  There are alot of pictures of happy Mama's with their little ones together!

Do you have a picture of you hugging or kissing your dachshund or your dachshund hugging/kissing you, send it to Dawnie to have it added to the bunch! 

This batch of pictures stays up all year round on this home page, I just move it, when relative holidays come up! 

If you have a picture of your dog in a cute holiday outfit and you would like to see it on the site, email it to Dawnie!


When rejected by his father he became industrious and motivated; when rejected by his mother he became proudly independent; when rejected by his siblings he became deeply compassionate; but when rejected by the family dachshund he became a complete nut case."
-from a case history of Sigmund Freud-



The Reason

I would've died that day if not for you.
I would've given up on life if not for your kind eyes.
I would've used my teeth in fear if not for your gentle hands.
I would have left this life believing that all humans don't care
Believing there is no such thing as fur that isn't matted,
skin that isn't flea bitten, good food and enough of it, beds to sleep on,
someone to love me, to show me I deserve love just because I exist.
Your kind eyes, your loving smile, your gentle hands
Your big heart saved me...
You saved me from the terror of the pound,
Soothing away the memories of my old life.
You have taught me what it means to be loved.
I have seen you do the same for other dogs like me.
I have heard you ask yourself in times of despair
Why you do it
When there is no more money, no more room, no more homes
You open your heart a little bigger, stretch the money a little tighter
Make just a little more save one more like me.
I tell you with the gratitude and love that shines in my eyes In the best way I know how
Reminding you why you go on trying.

I am the reason
The dogs before me are the reason
As are the ones who come after.
Our lives would've been wasted, our love never given
We would die if not for you.

(author unknown)


We have Handmade & Beaded Dachshund/Rescue Jewelry

Handmade jewelry makes a great gift for those dachshund lovers out there and all proceeds from all sales benefit rescue!!!

We have the following for sale




Cell Phone Charms

Safety Pins

Rear View Mirror Hangers

Rainbow Bridge Items (Memorial)



And More...

Swarovski Crystals, Glass, Gemstone, Lampwork and Acrylic Beaded Items

If there are items that you think you would be interested in (i.e. dachshund earrings, dachshund bracelet etc) email Dawnie and I will send you pictures of items we have available for sale.

If you have any questions, or concerns about this or about anything else contact Chris or Dawnie.



Dachshund Haven often gets emails asking us about items that we need/would like donated to help us out.  We currently have a wish list/donations page where we keep up all items that we need at one time or another. 

For those of you who want to donate items but don't know how to go about it, contact either Chris or Dawnie.  In your email, explain that you want to donate items and let us know what it is you wish to donate and whether you are willing to deliver it to us or if you would like us to come and pick up the items from  you.  We will return the email and will go from there.  DHOGG is always in need of items and can and will always use anything donated to us.

Soft items, such as beds, blankets, towels, comforters, etc can be pre-owned and used prior but we appreciate it if you could please make sure that they are cleaned/washed before donating them.  We do not care if the items are stained as long as they are clean.   WE APPRECIATE AND USE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING DONATED TO US!

Some Items needed are:

BEDS (Small/Big/Snuggly/Warm)


HARD TO DESTROY TOYS (Squeak/Pull/Balls/Etc.) 




   If you would like to donate but don't know what to buy, don't have anything to donate and you just plain don't have time to go to the store and buy stuff to donate...we have added a Paypal Donate Button above...but if you don't want to donate that way...then you have other choices... Animal Rescue Aid and Chuy's Pet Magnets.

Chuy's Pet Magnets

Chuy's Pet Magnets donates $1.00 for each item purchased by pe0ple who designate DHOGG as the charity that you want to support.

Animal Rescue Aid

Animal Rescue Aid is an organization whose mission is to provide much needed support to animal rescue  non profit organizations by raising funds, securing resources and building awareness on rescue's behalf.  Currently, they have a program where you can donate money to Animal Rescue Aid.  

Any and all money donated by you for DHOGG will go towards purchasing beds, which they will then send to us.  You can make donations to their secure website on behalf of DHOGG's name.  For  more information  or to donate through their secure site visit:

if you have any questions, please feel free to email Chris or Dawnie.



For those of you who are wanting to donate, we are always in need. 

No amount is too small. Anything and Everything helps us!

You can donate through Paypal below:

 Donations can be sent to:

Dachshund Haven of Garden Grove, Inc.
9711 Halekulani Dr.
Garden Grove, Ca. 92841


Dachshund Haven of Garden Grove, Inc.

4142 Ricardo Drive

Yorba Linda, California 92887

If you would like to help,  and do not wish to donate through Paypal, and/or have questions, then please contact one of the following board members:

Chris @

Diann @

Dawnie @

In the almost 12 years, we have NEVER asked for help, but right now we are reaching out to you, our friends and family to help us continue to save more lives.







Save a Life, Choose Rescue! 

A California Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization

Non Profit Board Members Contact Information



Chris Jacobson





Diann Kozlowski





Dawn L. Anderson








We are now on Facebook!

We are happy to say we now have a page on Facebook, so please stop by and say hi, make comments, start up discussions, up load your adopted dogs pictures or stories and share with your friends!

Dachshund Haven of Garden Grove Rescue & Sanctuary

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Have Questions?  Send us an Email...

Send us an email...

We try to keep everyone informed of when and if their stories and pictures are going to be posted on our site, however, sometimes we overlook things on mistake.  If you happen to see your story, or picture on this site and you want us to remove it, please contact the webmaster  Dawnie at and we will pull it down immediately.

                                                                       RIP Baron Joseph 07/2010


Send us an Email!!!








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Please Note/Disclaimer: 

Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.

This Website is built and run by Dachshund Haven of Garden Grove, Rescue and Sanctuary.   
 By no means, do we claim to be experts on dachshunds or the breed.
Our only hope by this website is to give people a overview of what the dachshund breed is and to show the ones that are available and ready for forever homes while trying to inform people of situations that occurring in society.
Anything stated here about puppy mill's, over breeders etc,  is opinion only.  We do however, know a lot about dachshunds due to the constant care and constant exposure to these issues.
Any medical information in any story or web page by DHOGG or by past adopters (unless an article BY A PROFESSIONAL) is given as past experiences for your information only.  We share these stories so that people can see the importance of keeping up vetting and caring for your animals.  By no means should you use our site as a basis to treat your animals medically. 

We get many people who ask us where we take our dogs to vet them, the answer is:

BrookHaven Pet Hospital

10092 Chapman Avenue

Garden Grove, California 92840



Monday-Friday 7am-6pm

Saturday  7am-12:30pm

Low Cost Vaccinations - Every day (Mon-Sat)

Low Cost Pet Exams - $25 Every Day (Mon-Sat)




If your animal has any sort of medical issue that is an emergency that is after hours, you can take them to one of the two emergency clinics in Orange County. 
Most of the people who use these clinics (us included) use them to keep the dogs stable in emergency situations, and if the dog can be kept stable until the vet's office opens then we take them to our regular vet's office.
You must remember that because they are a private clinic their prices can be up there, so make sure you tell them when and if you ever have to take your animal to them, that you want to be consulted about their condition and any treatment before it is done to keep price to a minimum. 

Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic


1474 S. Harbor Blvd.
La Habra, CA 90631

714-441-2925 OR 562-690-2925

12750 Garden Grove Blvd.
Garden Grove, CA 92843


Weekend Hours:
12:00 pm Saturday through 8:00 am Monday
Weekday Hours:
Monday thru Friday: 6:00 pm to 8:00 am

Open most major holidays








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